Brammer leadership, industry professionals and local community residents


Executive team, site management, operations team members and EHS professionals


Brammer directors and biological safety officer

  • Interprets current principles and practices of bio safety and risk assessment

  • Assesses risk on all products produced by Brammer

  • Establishes biosafety level and procedures

  • Leads safety and emergency response communications at each Brammer site

  • Provides resources for first-aid, CPR and AED

  • Holds safety meetings to review and remedy potential safety issues

  • Performs research and manufacturing analytics to ensure regulatory compliance

  • Ensures environmental and biological safety

  • Implements biosafety controls, procedures and training

At Brammer Bio, safety is an operating standard.

Safety is part of everything we do. Just as we execute best practices in process development, manufacturing, and testing, we focus on safety as a means to achieve our clients' project goals. We implement a comprehensive employee safety program with clear and effective communication between our team members and throughout our collaboration with clients.

A key component of our safety and industrial hygiene program is our communications and commitment to our employees' well-being and to minimizing our environmental impact. We maintain three core teams that are responsible for ensuring Brammer's adherence to regulations and to its own expectations for safe manufacturing and work environments.

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